I’m in Love

February 17th, 2011 // add a comment // filed under Music

…with Bandcamp. This afternoon, I finally decided to take the advice of my nephew Jon (of The Fucking Cops and Sun God fame) and put some stuff up on Bandcamp.

About forty minutes after signing up I had sold a copy of the EP, and the funds had already appeared in my PayPal account.

I love technology. And Bandcamp is based around the idea of using very simple, but very versatile technology to remove roadblocks between the artist and fans. So far, it works brilliantly. The site is loaded with tools for the musician, including great options for embedding songs and albums. Like this:

Neat, eh? So Bandcamp is now my retailer of choice; I’ll still be going through iTunes and Amazon, of course, but for speed, transparency, and usefulness Bandcamp is far in the lead.

Here’s my page for your listening enjoyment. And I’ll definitely be putting the rest of my catalog up in the very near future.

Thanks for listening,

Record Time

February 16th, 2011 // add a comment // filed under Music

Holy cats, that was fast. Ladies and gentlemen, Lorem Ipsum can now be purchased at iTunes by clicking here. I’ll get those lyric pages up just as soon as humanly possible, and will update this post when they’re live. Deal? Deal.

UPDATE: Album page is now live, with lyrics! And everything!

Oh, and because it’s a FAQ: The album will also be going up at Amazon MP3, but they take substantially longer than iTunes to process music, so it will probably be a few weeks.

It’s Away!

February 16th, 2011 // add a comment // filed under Music

I just submitted the new three-song EP to TuneCore, which means it should be up on iTunes within 24-48 hours. Meanwhile, here’s a preview of the cover:

Johnny High Ground: Lorem Ipsum

I’ll be putting up lyric pages soon, and of course I’ll update when the songs are live for your consumption. Thanks for listening.