One Last Bandcamp Love Letter

February 18th, 2011 // add a comment // filed under Music

Putting Lorem Ipsum up on Bandcamp was so easy that I decided to go ahead and put every single damn song I’ve released up there. That includes the entirety of Unaffiliated and even Tributes — neither of which has been available for purchase before. (The only exception is “Suburban Galileo,” which I set as an iTunes exclusive when I released Early Output on iTunes, because it amused me.)

I know you longtime listeners probably have most, if not all, of these songs already, but one of the reasons I love Bandcamp is that they make songs so damn easy to share. For example, you can just paste a link to a song or album from Bandcamp on your (or someone else’s!) Facebook wall, and it’ll automatically embed a streaming player. So, you know, I’m not saying you should spam your friends with Johnny High Ground music or anything. (Well, I kinda am.) But if there are older tunes you specifically like, it’s now easier than ever to share them with others. I like sharing. Sharing is good.

OK, enough about Bandcamp. For awhile, at least. Oh, wait — let me leave you with the link to my Bandcamp site:

Bandcamp Bandcamp Bandcamp.

OK, stopping for real now.

Thanks for listening,

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